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Freelance grafisch ontwerper Isabella De Felip levert op maat gemaakte design oplossingen - Bella Design Studio portfolio

Bella Design Studio
Your Creative Partner for
Graphic Design, Illustrations, and Fashion.

Welcome to Bella Design Studio in Vught, where your vision and our creativity unite to create something extraordinary.

Fashion & Accessories Design

Fashion and graphic design are forms of self-expression, and at Bella Design Studio, we understand this like no one else.

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Freelance Designer Services

The creative power behind graphic design solutions. From freelance design to motion graphics, our offerings are extensive.

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Illustrations that Visualize

Our talented illustrators bring your ideas to life with vivid, expressive illustrations.

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Branding & Corporate Design

In today’s market, having a strong, recognizable brand identity is essential.

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Soft Trolley – via Stilema and designed by Bella Design Studio

Fashion & Accessories Graphic Design

Isabella De Felip brings her extensive experience in the fashion world to every fashion and accessory design we offer. Whether you’re searching for a unique piece of clothing or a custom accessory line, our goal is to create designs that are both stylish and personal.

Branding Studio & Corporate Design

In today’s competitive market, having a strong, recognizable brand identity is essential. Bella Design Studio specializes in creating unique branding and corporate designs that are not only appealing but also reflect the essence of your business. From logo development to complete corporate identities, we ensure that your brand captures and retains attention.

Corperate design - branding design - design studio - Bella Design Studio
©Van Haren Group – Designed by Bella Design Studio
Freelance graphic designer Isabella De Felip delivers custom design solutions - Bella Design Studio portfolio.

Freelance grafisch ontwerper Isabella De Felip levert op maat gemaakte design oplossingen - Bella Design Studio portfolio
Freelance graphic designer Isabella De Felip delivers custom design solutions – Bella Design Studio portfolio.

At Bella Design Studio, led by Isabella and her team of experienced professionals, we excel in providing unique design solutions specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our offerings cover an extensive range of design specialties, from custom freelance designer services to advanced online design projects, including graphic design, motion design, and innovative demo designs. Our commitment to flexibility and individual attention for each project positions us as the preferred partner for all your graphic design requirements.

Whether you are seeking the skills of a freelance graphic designer, support for your digital design initiatives, or the versatile expertise of a full-service graphic design agency, Bella Design Studio is your source for bringing your vision to life with unparalleled creativity and precision. Our portfolio reflects our ability to meet a wide range of design needs, proudly making us your go-to solution for any project requiring freelance design, online creation, graphic design, motion graphics, and more.


handtassen designer - ecco zwart designer tas dames - graphic designer
©Karl Lagerfeld Bv. designed by Isabella De Felip
Bella Design Studio - designer schoudertas - style prada handtas - zwarte designer tas-graphic designer
©PVH Calvin Klein Bv. designed by Isabella De Felip
boekillustraties - studio print - grafisch design - persoonlijk portret tekening - digitale karikaturist

What Others Say About Bella Design Studio

Recentie - Bella Design Studio - Donato Vitona

Donato Vitone

What sets Isabella apart are not just her skills, but also her organizational ability, professionalism, and boundless energy. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a valuable addition to any team.

Bella Design Studio - fashion - Sarah Boersen

Sarah Boersen

I highly recommend Bella Design Studio to anyone looking for innovative, fresh, and relevant design and in search of a creative, effective, and hard-working colleague.

Bella Design Studio - corperate Design Services - Ivo van Haren

Ivo van Haren

We are particularly satisfied with the final result and the way Bella Design Studio guided us through this process. Their expertise, creativity, and attention to detail have significantly impacted how our brand is perceived.

Published Works

Examples of works created by Isabella De Felip that have been featured in the store. All highlighted works below were made under contract and are fully owned by the respective owner, including the previews of the images. Bella Design Studio or Isabella De Felip does not claim any ownership rights in any way and links to the suspected owner.

bronze-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-graphic designer
zilver-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-graphic designer
shopper-handback-ladies-Karl-Lagerfield-graphic designer
rood-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-CK-graphic designer
geel-brons-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-graphic designer

Bella Design Studio: Your Creative Partner for Exclusive Illustrations and Fashion Accessories

Welcome to Bella Design Studio, the place where creativity and style converge to bring your vision to life. Specializing in crafting unique illustrations, custom designs, and trendy fashion accessories, we are ready to transform your ideas into striking creations.

Illustrations that Speak:

At Bella Design Studio, we understand the power of an image. Our expert illustrators excel at capturing your message in captivating and artistic visuals. Whether it’s for commercial illustrations, book covers, or unique artworks, we ensure each design tells your story.

Designs that Inspire:

Our team of experienced designers is ready to enhance your brand identity with tailor-made designs. We listen to your desires and bring your ideas to life with designs that are not only beautiful but also functional and effective. From logos to complete brand identities, Bella Design Studio makes a difference.

Fashion Accessories that Set Trends:

Fashion is an expression of individuality, and at Bella Design Studio, we take that seriously. We design fashion accessories that accentuate your style. From handmade bags to custom socks, our accessories are not only stylish but also of high quality. Each piece is unique, just like you.

Tack-Packs for Every Occasion:

Our tack-packs are carefully assembled to support your creative projects. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, our tack-packs provide the tools and materials you need to let your creativity run wild.

At Bella Design Studio, we are committed to quality, originality, and customer satisfaction. Discover today how we can turn your vision into reality. Visit our website, get in touch, and let’s create something beautiful together!