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Dynamische motion graphics demonstratie door Isabella De Felip bij Bella Design Studio - Breng uw verhaal tot leven

About Bella Design Studio:
The Artistic Journey of Isabella De Felip

Welcome to Bella Design Studio in Vught, where creativity and innovation converge in the art of sock design.

Freelance grafisch ontwerper Isabella De Felip levert op maat gemaakte design oplossingen - Bella Design Studio portfolio

Welcome to Bella Design Studio

Welcome to Bella Design Studio, where the heart of our creative vision beats in the person of Isabella De Felip. With an impressive career behind her at leading fashion houses such as Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein, Isabella combines her profound knowledge of fashion with a rich family history in the design world.

A Prestigious Education in Fashion

Isabella’s passion for fashion and design became evident early on. She completed her studies at the prestigious NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, where she earned a Master of Arts in Fashion Design. This education further refined and sharpened her artistic skills and understanding of fashion design. Even before her time in Milan, she showcased her talent through her studies at the Liceo Primo Artistico in Turin, laying the groundwork for her future success.

NABA Nuova Accad - design opleiding
handtassen designer - ecco zwart designer tas dames

A Legacy in Bag Design

Isabella’s commitment to design is deeply rooted in her family history. Her grandfather, Victor De Felip, started his own bag company in the 1960s. He was a pioneer in manually sketching bag designs, laying a strong foundation for the family business.

Isabella’s father, Davide De Felip, took the baton and added a new dimension to the business through his specialization in materials and production phases. Davide’s early investments in production and technical skills, including moving production to China in the 1980s, have contributed to the modern success of the company.

Combined with Technical Knowledge

Isabella is known as a true artist in the field of fashion design, but what truly sets her apart is her combination of artistic flair with technical expertise. This duality enables her to be continually innovative and forward-thinking in her designs and productions. Her experience at major fashion houses and her extensive family legacy have given her a profound understanding of both the artistic and production aspects of the fashion industry.

handtassen designer - ecco zwart designer tas dames
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Bella Design Studio: A Synthesis of Art and Innovation

At Bella Design Studio in Vught, Isabella brings together her rich background and diverse skills to create unique and compelling designs. Whether it’s branding and corporate design, illustrations, or fashion and accessory design, Isabella’s approach is always fresh, innovative, and tailored to the needs of her clients.

Easily Accessible for a Wide Region

Located at Kampdijklaan 29 in Vught, Bella Design Studio is not just a hub for creativity and innovation but also easily accessible for clients from Den Bosch, Waalwijk, Veghel, Best, Eindhoven, and even from major cities like Amsterdam, Antwerp, Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam.

Contact Bella Design Studio

Interested in the unique design services of Bella Design Studio? Visit us at Kampdijklaan 29 in Vught or get in touch to see how we can bring your vision to life. Isabella De Felip and her team are ready to assist you with your design needs.

Discover at Bella Design Studio in Vught how Isabella De Felip’s artistic legacy and innovative approach can transform your projects. From inspired designs to detailed production, Bella Design Studio is your partner in bringing creativity and style to life.

Feel free to get in touch or schedule an appointment!