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Published Design portfolio Works

Examples in the design portfolio are works created by Isabella De Felip that have been featured in the store. All highlighted works below were made under contract and are fully owned by the respective owner, including the previews of the images. Bella Design Studio or Isabella De Felip does not claim any ownership rights in any way and links to the suspected owner.

bronze-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-Design portfolio
bronze-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-design portfolio
zilver-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-CK-design portfolio
zwarte-handback-ladies-Karl-Lagerfield-Design portfolio
geel-brons-handback-ladies-Calvin-Klein-design portfolio
tassen designer - designer tas - designer tassen - tassen ontwerp
handtassen designer- designer tas dames - zwarte designer tas - beige designer tas - design tas - ontwerp tas

High-Quality Tech-Packs

One of Bella Design Studio’s USPs are her tech-packs, which are extremely detailed and make production in China much more efficient while also greatly benefiting the quality.

designer handtas - Design Services - Bella Design Studio - gouden handtas - grafische design - design online - Fashion- en Accessoires Ontwerp - Design Services - Bella Design Studion - assesoire-design

Creatively Successful design portfolio

Isabella has already created extremely successful productions from the past that are currently being distributed all over the world.

Boekillustraties - Diagrammen - boek illustraties karikaturist- karikaturen - persoonlijk portret tekening -

Vivid Caricatures

Custom book illustrations, detailed diagrams, and vivid caricatures. Whether you desire a personal portrait or a unique book illustration.

ZWARTE handtas - style KARL LAGERFIELD-  handtas - weekend tas heren - Style hermes handtas - designer schoudertas
- designer handtas

Hand and Shoulder Bags Design portfolio

Refined designer hand and shoulder bags to men’s weekend bags with a nod to timeless allure.

handtassen designer - ecco zwart designer tas dames

Ecco Leather Design portfolio

Ecco leather items at Bella Design Studio, where every keychain and wallet represents craftsmanship and style.

handtassen designer - ecco zwart designer tas dames

Technical and Creative Graphic Design Capabilities

Advanced technical graphic design capabilities combined with creative inspiration to create our collection of black handbags.

Bella Design Studio Portfolio: A Showcase of Design Excellence by Isabella De Felip

Welcome to the heart of creativity and innovation – the portfolio page of Bella Design Studio, managed by the acclaimed designer Isabella De Felip. Here, you will find a meticulously curated collection of our most prestigious projects, including collaborations with leading brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Burtect Textile, and Mandarina Duck.

A World of Fashion and Design

Our portfolio highlights the versatility and craftsmanship of Isabella De Felip. From haute couture to everyday fashion, each project attests to her ability to push boundaries and offer unique design solutions that resonate with both brands and consumers.

Collaborations that Inspire

Discover the exciting collaborations between Bella Design Studio and world-renowned fashion houses. Our work with Karl Lagerfeld demonstrates a blend of timeless elegance and avant-garde design, while our projects with Calvin Klein exude modernity and minimalism.

Textile Innovation with Burtect Textile

The collaboration with Burtect Textile underscores Isabella’s expertise in combining technical innovation with aesthetic finesse. These projects show how advanced textile technologies can be transformed into beautiful, wearable art.

Accessories that Speak with Mandarina Duck

The designs for Mandarina Duck are perfect examples of how Isabella’s creativity and insight come together to create practical, yet stylish accessories that enhance the brand’s identity.

A Portfolio that Speaks to the Imagination

Each project in our portfolio is a story of collaboration, innovation, and creative courage. Isabella De Felip and Bella Design Studio invite you to explore these stories and see how our designs not only change the market but also the way people experience fashion and design.

Visit our portfolio page and dive into the world of Bella Design Studio, where every creation is a source of inspiration and a testament to our pursuit of excellence in design.