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Freelance grafisch ontwerper Isabella De Felip levert op maat gemaakte design oplossingen - Bella Design Studio portfolio

Bella Design Studio

Welcome to Bella Design Studio in Vught, where your vision and our creativity unite to create something extraordinary.
Be sure to check out the price and rate options for each type of activity.
Here, you can also find examples and start (try-out) and more long-term collaboration options.

Type of Services

Our prices are generic dependent on the amount of support you need.
We recommend starting with a try-out. Below is an example of what you can expect.
Branding and Corporate Design

Fashion Design Services
Illustration Services
Cards & Personal Illustrations

Generic Prices

boekillustraties - studio print - grafisch design - persoonlijk portret tekening - digitale karikaturist

Featured Work

handtassen designer - ecco zwart designer tas dames
©Karl Lagerfield Bv. designed by Isabella De Felip
Bella Design Studio - designer schoudertas - style prada handtas - zwarte designer tas
©PVH Calvin KleinBv. designed by Isabella De Felip

Let’s Collaborate!