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Case Study: PM2 Group

The MPM² has asked Bella Design Studio to help them to create the cooperative design for the PM² Group. This article describes the request, challenges and objectives of this task.

About the PM² Group

The PM² Group is a not-for-profit membership organization comprised of project management consultancies and training organizations, PM² user organizations, and the examination and certification institute responsible for the PM² group certification program.

The Role of the PM² Group

The primary objective of the PM² Group is to support the implementation of the PM² project management methodology across both public and private sector projects, as advocated by the European Commission’s Center of Excellence in PM². The PM² Group’s activities are centered around:

  • Overseeing a public certification and trainer accreditation program in line with the European Commission’s guidelines.
  • Promoting the adoption of the PM² methodology within European public and private organizations.
  • Facilitating access to PM² learning materials and certification to enhance individual employability.

The PM² Group’s Vision for Graphic Design and Corporate Identity

In aligning with the PM² Group’s goals, the desired corporate design should project stability, convey trust and equality, and advocate for a unified project management practice that benefits both corporations and European citizens. Furthermore, the PM² Group wishes to associate with the European Commission while clearly distinguishing itself as an independent entity.

About PM² and the CoEPM²

The Centre of Excellence in PM² promotes the PM² methodology, offering comprehensive project management frameworks, support, and consulting services to the European Commission and EU institutions. The CoEPM² facilitates PM²’s internal implementation and promotes its use across Member States.

Bella Design Studio’s Approach to Corporate Design for the PM² Group

Tasked with this significant project, Bella Design Studio, under the guidance of Isabella De Felip, navigated the complexities of creating a serious, static, and official corporate identity. The challenge was to design a logo that remains simple despite the use of multiple colors and to meet the sensitive requirement of resembling, yet clearly distinguishing from, the European Commission.

For the graphic design aspect, Bella Design Studio identified the circle of stars as a potent symbol representing unity, collaboration, and equality. Incorporating the diverse colors from the PM² logo also symbolizes inclusion, aligning with a key European value. The decision to use a typeface similar to the PM² Group’s fosters association with the PM² methodology.

Corperate design PM2 Group grafic desisgn

The choice of supporting colors focused on European blue, symbolizing calmness, control, and governance, alongside light blue from the PM² palette for harmony and shared values. Grey was chosen as a tertiary color to convey seriousness and control, ensuring compatibility with other colors while avoiding visual clutter.

A novel graphic design icon developed was a vertical flag with the circle motif, reminiscent yet distinctgraphic design icon – Coperate design from the European Commission’s emblem, reinforcing the PM² Group’s official yet independent stance.

This strategic approach to graphic design and corporate identity by Bella Design Studio has successfully crafted a cohesive and impactful brand representation for the PM² Group, aligning with its values and distinguishing it from European institutional entities.

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