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Case Study: How Bella Design Studio Transformed the Corporate Identity of Van Haren Group

How we created the Corporate Identity of the Van Haren Group.

Van Haren Group Corperate Design - Bella Design Studio - Corporate Design Studio

Design Challenge

Van Haren Group, a leading player in the education industry], faced the challenge of renewing and strengthening its brand identity. They were looking for a design partner who could translate their values and professional image into a cohesive and impactful design that would be reflected across all their communications.

Corporate Identity Solution

Bella Design Studio, led by the experienced Isabella De Felip, was engaged to realize this transformation. With a deep understanding of the core values and business objectives of Van Haren Group, Isabella began by redefining the brand identity.

Van Haren Group Icon - Bella Design Studio - Corporate Design Studio

Design Results

Brand Identity & Website:

Isabella’s vision led to a renewed brand identity that now forms the basis for all of Van Haren Group’s marketing communications. The website now reflects a streamlined, modern design that fits the company’s image.

Logo & Social Badges: The design of the logo and social badges have become visual expressions of Van Haren Group’s brand essence, making the brand instantly recognizable across all platforms.

Flyers & Book Diagrams: Each flyer and diagram reinforces Van Haren Group’s professional presence, with consistency in design that emphasizes the company’s style.

Design Continuity: Isabella ensured that in every design element – from the website to the smallest social badge – Van Haren Group’s corporate identity and style were clearly showcased.

Van Haren Group Brand Moodboard - Bella Design Studio - Corporate Design Studio - Corporate Identity

Conclusion: The collaboration between Bella Design Studio and Van Haren Group is a prime example of how a strong visual identity can enhance a company’s professional character. Thanks to Isabella’s extensive expertise and attention to detail, Van Haren Group’s brand identity is now a solid foundation for all future growth and communication.

Testimonial: “Isabella De Felip from Bella Design Studio exceeded our expectations. Her work has not only refined our brand identity but also improved the coherence and recognizability of our communications.” – Ivo Van Haren, CEO van Van Haren Group

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